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Smile Therapy QuestionSo what is Smile-Therapy?

Smile-Therapy is a service, that delivers a quality message of excellence ( exhibit 1 ), 1st thing, every AM, to start your day & mind-in a good, positive direction.

Call it your 'CPR'(constant positive reinforcement). 1 minute, 1 time a day, 1st thing.

Smile Therapy Question Who is Smile Therapy For?

For people who want to think and feel better— about who they are, what they do, and how they live.

Smile Therapy Question Why Smile-Therapy Exists?

Quite frankly we were sick and tired of the daily 'doom and gloom.' We face a world of problems, bad news, stress, challenges, and a general bombardment of negative stimuli.

Positive thinking trumps negative thinking EVERY TIME so we decided to deliver some GOOD NEWS, on a systematic, daily basis.

Smile Therapy Question What can you Expect? (radio station 'WIIFM,' what's in it for me)

Smile-Therapy is designed to Positively Impact( exhibit 2 ) people's lives.

Read our Promise to you ( exhibit 3 ).

  1. Short Term—Start your day and mind, on a good note and in a positive direction. Today, tomorrow, and every day.
  2. Long Term— Smile more. Think and feel better about yourself, and about life. When you think and feel better– you start excelling toward your personal best ( exhibit 4 ).

Smile Therapy QuestionWho does Smile Therapy target?

  1. Individuals ( exhibit 5 ).
  2. Businesses ( exhibit 6 ).
  3. Schools & Colleges ( exhibit 7 ).

Smile Therapy QuestionWhat's the next step?

  1. Read some S-T sample messages ( exhibit 8 )
  2. View a few testimonials ( exhibit 9 )
  3. Take action:
    1. Join us. Become part of the growing group of Smile Therapy FANatics ( Join )
    2. Sample us first– Try a 30 day Test Pilot-Free of charge. See if the messages resonate & connect with you. ( exhibit 10 )
    3. Need more– Set up consultation/information session ( exhibit 11 )


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