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We want your best ideas, tips, money savers, stories, positive stuff, etc!

We are looking for your number one greatest tip, remedy, great ideas, money savers, amazing websites, favorite ideas, fun stories, etc etc.

Tips could be business, relationship, sports, time saver, or sales tips. Basically, any tips that you are excited about and you know works for you, share it with us.

Share your idea!

Greatest wedding tip ever? For bride? For groom?

Any recipe you have that is a “must share”.

What is the best chocolate that you ever had, brand?

Is there a product that you’d recommend EVERYONE should try (and why)?

Is there a food or drink that EVERYONE should try?

Do you have a great remedy for a sore throat?

What is your BEST money saving tip ever?

What do you do for A hangover... does it work 100% of the time?

Any great grandma tips from the ages to get rid of a headache, that is TRIED and TRUE?

What is your all time best business tip?

Any beauty/ cosmetic tip that you think is very useful?

Any amazing website that you believe everyone would enjoy (and why)?

Any "must see" vacation spots to go before leaving this world?

Any must do activity you’d tell everyone to experience before leaving this world?

Any MONEY MAKING idea that consistently works for you?

FOOLPROOF...what useful thing/ idea/ problem solver have you found to be 100%?

Is there any BOOK you’d require everyone to read (and why)?

Best relationship tip to share with us single/ dating/ engaged or married?

Share your idea!

What do you absolutely LOVE TO DO and why?

What can you STRONGLY RECOMMEND and why?

CANKER SORES...any great remedies?

What is the best golf/ basketball or sports tip you have ever received?

Do you know anyone that has treated ARTHRITIS successfully? What did they do?

What is your favorite DISH to bring to a party?

Most unique or creative gift you ever gave someone?

Any great tips to REMEMBER NAMES?

Coolest gift you ever received, and recommend others receiving?

So you have any excellent TIME SAVER tips?

Any sports betting/ gambling tips that really work for you?

Best tip for dealing with kids?



PETS/ ANIMALS...your #1 favorite idea to share about them?

Ladies...#1 tip to help with PMS?

What works for you 100% of the time>?

Any internet ideas that are simple and useful to you and everyone else?

"That’s a great idea"...have you said that lately? If so, what was it?

Any tried and true findings you’d like to share with the group?

Share your idea!

Can you share a great sales tip that sticks in your mind? Marketing tip?

When you are "down" what do you do to pump yourself up?

What is the CRAZIEST idea that you heard, that worked/ was successful?

Do you have a joke/ funny story to share that may brighten a bleak day?

Any great household cleaning tips? Tried and True?

Any Weight Loss tips that work LONG TERM?

Quit smoking tips you can share that WORK?

Any great EXERCISE tips that people will benefit from greatly?

COOKS/ GARDENERS?? Any secrets you’d like to share?

Animal lovers? Any great tips to share?

Greatest HOLIDAY IDEA? (Halloween costume, creative Valentines day gift, cool Mothers day gift, etc.)

Travel tips? Travel solutions to travel problems?

What silly/ stupid product gets you EXCITED (absorbent towels, flannel sheets, etc.)

Any great solutions to COMMON PROBLEMS we all have??



Share your idea!

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